What the hell do I do with all these clip on earrings?

For years I made valiant attempts to wear clip on earrings for extended periods of time.  I was left with throbbing earlobes and disappointment.  It also left me with an impressive collection of earrings that rarely got worn.  That's when I first saw a vintage sweater clip in the wild and I had a light bulb moment.  That's how my business began.  

I love doing custom orders (they usually entail using modern findings though) or taking somebody's grandmother's clip on earrings and broken necklace and creating a piece that a gal will wear all the time!

I enjoy a challenge too.  I've made clips with chains of different lengths that clip on and off so you can change them, ones that can be worn as brooches with pin backs and everything in between.  Have an idea?  Bring it!

I've also started converting clip on earrings into pierced (not all clip ons are good candidates for this)!